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Couple Counseling

Has the relationship with your significant other become painful?

If being together too often means arguing or uncomfortable silences and you don't know how to change that, it might be time for some help. Stress, work pressure, parents, kids or unresolved issues from your past can put a lot of pressure on your relationship. As do situations like the loss of a loved one, sickness or a crush on someone else. Most of the time these are also opportunities to really look at what is going on below the surface of everyday life and become aware in what direction you want to grow. By giving attention to your unique situation, you will get more clarity and insight and create space so you can see yourself and hear each other again.

Counseling sessions

During our first meeting you get the support you need to talk about what is going on for you. At the same time we will find out if there’s a click in us working together. Most of the time we will start with some individual sessions so each of you will have the space and time you need for yourself without having to worry about your partners reactions. By mutual agreement we can schedule joint sessions. Sometimes it only takes a few sessions to get clear on how to make the next step together, sometimes the issues that are at the root of the problem take more time. How frequent we meet is always up to you.

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