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Jagruti Haas

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IJburg / Amsterdam

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During the sessions we create insight and understanding of things that have happened to you and how they influence your life. The sessions take place in a safe and accepting environment where you will receive my undivided attention. I will support you as you discover what is holding you back and that which stands in your way from living your life to the fullest. We’ll discard those labels of what you can and cannot do, what’s right or wrong and how things should be. It always provides a sense of relief to just see what it is really there.

Integrated approach

Everyone is unique and everyone is at a different stage in their life and comes up against different issues. What works for you might not work for someone else. I work with different techniques including the inner child, essence work, guided inquiry and family constellations. From these techniques, we will choose the right one for you.

Counseling process

Sometimes one or two sessions are enough to gain clarity and grow. Sometimes the issues are deep-rooted and a more intense technique and approach is advised.  The frequency of our sessions is always up to you and defined by your needs. It might be that you need coaching with issues you are experiencing in the here and now.  Perhaps you want to tread deeper into unresolved issues from the past. Feel free to bring whatever it is that you need to look at.


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© 2015 | Counseling IJburg | Jagruti Haas | Kvk62531638 |NL04KNAB0766778916

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