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Jagruti Haas

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IJburg / Amsterdam

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Intake & costs

Free intake session

Safety, trust and responsibility are the basis for a good counseling session. Therefore, every series of counseling sessions starts with an intake session were we meet and see if counseling is the right way for you and determine together on how to proceed. The meeting is free and lasts 30 minutes. There is always the option to continue with an individual session after the intake.


Intake session: free of charge (30 minutes)

Individual counseling session: € 85,- per session (60 minutes)

Couple Counseling: € 120,- per sessie (90 minuten)

Cancelling or rescheduling

If you need to cancel your session, please do so 24 hours in advance at no charge. Late or no cancellations will be charged in full.


Counseling IJburg is not affiliated with a specific professional organization and sessions are therefore not reimbursed by the health insurance companies.


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© 2015 | Counseling IJburg | Jagruti Haas | Kvk62531638 |NL04KNAB0766778916

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