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Jagruti Haas

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IJburg / Amsterdam

Adres:Jan Vrijmanstraat 243, 1087 MN Amsterdam

Telefoon: 06 238 378 69


KvK 62531638


' Jagruti has given me the practical tools that help me to look for the real connection in my relationship. Whenever I feel the tendency to withdraw, I know what I need to do.

The difference is visible in our relationship. It’s amazing that something so practical can give us so much.'

- Marleen

' I feel safe and most of all, I feel understood. I have been able to share things that I have never shared with anyone before. It feels like a huge relief and I feel less alone with my pain.'

- Sandra

' Already after a few sessions with Jagruti I could feel the anger subside that was in the way of enjoying work. I enjoy going to work again and I feel more relaxed, more patient.' 

- Claudia

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© 2015 | Counseling IJburg | Jagruti Haas | Kvk62531638 | NL04KNAB0766778916

© 2015 | Counseling IJburg | Jagruti Haas | Kvk62531638 |NL04KNAB0766778916

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