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Jagruti Haas

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IJburg / Amsterdam

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About me

Jagruti Haas (1963) is a certified Working with People™ Training counselor,  trainer in Non Violent Communication and has over twenty years of experience in working with people individually and groups. She has a deep fascination for everything that is real.

Conditioning and connection is what interests and fascinates me the most. Most of the time we do what is expected of us, living our life according to other’s rules. If we don’t take a long, hard look at what’s on the to- do list and who is putting it there in the first place, the list will never end.  It is inevitable that we’ll start to feel bad, like wearing a coat that doesn’t  fit anymore. I support people who want to change that situation around and connect with themselves and with others.

Jagruti’s therapeutic background and practical experience are embedded in her extensive and rich life experience. She started walking her own path at an early age,  travelled and tasted different therapeutic methods for years. From these methods, she has been able to create her own mix. She combines her no nonsense Dutch mentality and practical way of looking at things with an openness, deeper awareness to find a way to feel whole and connected again.

Jagruti is a fluent Dutch and English speaker. She lives with her partner Khing and daughter Jolie in IJburg, Amsterdam.

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© 2015 | Counseling IJburg | Jagruti Haas | Kvk62531638 |NL04KNAB0766778916

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